Real Estate Lead Generation and Management Solution

Success Formula

Multiple Lead Generation Channels = More Leads
+ Lead Management = More Closed Transactions = Bigger Profits!

We know you want your online visitors to have the best possible impression of you and your company. So we want to do everything we can to make sure you to have an appealing, current website and tools that are easy to use and offers the features the public needs and wants.

We also want you, our customer, to have all of the tools you need for you and your agents to be more successful.

There have been a lot of changes on the internet over the past few years. 50% of all internet traffic is now mobile based, web browsers now mark sites as NOT SECURE for those not using security certificates, there have been huge advances in technology that allows for responsive websites that function on all standard devices (computers, tablet, phones) and consumers demand more and more features and interactivity.

As a result we have been hard at work developing a new Real Estate Sales & Marketing Solution based on our latest ProLnk websites. Please see below for the details:

Prolnk Website:

Full screen, Fast, Fully Responsive, Mobile and Search Engine optimized Website with IDX, Local Demographics, Listings, Town and County Landing Pages (all landing pages are SEO optimized for the major search engines).

Agent Doorway Tools and Features:

“Generate More Leads and Close More Transactions”

Lead Saver CRM:

Studies show that real estate agentsclose more deals when using a Lead Management system. These systems helpreal estate agentsorganize and grow their businesses by maximizing their time and saving and closing longer time frame leads. It results in better client communications, improved lead retention, and more productive agents.

Lead Saver CRM provides Powerful, Easy to Use, Lead Management with a minimal learning curve.

Agents are easily able to track and nurture short and long term leads. It’s your own your own personalized sales assistant 24 hours a day.

MobileLnk Text Message Lead Generation:

Proven lead generator for drive-by prospects with unlimited listings and inquiries. MobileLnk puts SMS Text Messaging to work for you generating leads from drive-by home hunters. This is a proven lead generator and works by just adding a rider to your yard signs.

You add a rider to your yard sign (or additional sign) offering to provide thePrice and Other Infovia text.

The home seeker then sends a text message with a unique property code.

You immediately receive a text message with the home seeker’s contact info along with the listing ID on your cell phone and via email. Remember, these are home seekers, on the ground, who have requested info on a listing they have driven past. This is not a generic internet lead from someone who may never visit your area.

The prospective client instantly receives the listing information they requested including a link to the listing and a text message with your contact info. They now have your contact info on their phone and you have theirs.

Welcome Home Active eZine: )

Keep agent’s name in front of clients, prospects, acquaintances, centers of influence and others each month, year after year with their own branded eZine written especially for home owners. New leads and prospects are automatically added to each agent’s eZine subscriber list. Individuals or lists of names may also be added manually

Listing Syndication:

Reports - Track and Fine Tune Your Marketing:

Utilizing data, most of which is already in the system, the system pinpoints exactly where your leads and sales are originating, allowing you to see the return on investment from each dollar of your marketing activities as well as the effectiveness of each agent in utilizing company supplied leads and self-generated leads. For the first time you will be able to easily and quickly:

Optional Features and Functions

SocialLnk Social Media Syndication:

Adds new listings to the following sites for $6.00 per listing one-time fee: We can also add new listings to just Face Book for $2.00 per week with no per listing fee.

Pay Per Click Ad Campaigns:

Reach targeted markets and generate high quality leads with Pay Per Click. All ad campaigns are managed by certified managers.

RentLnk –Long Term Rentals:

Easy to use rental search which allows website visitors to search and view available rentals based on entered criteria. Properties can be marked as Active or Inactive with Inactive properties not showing up in the search results. This service can be integrated into your website or implemented as a free standing website with its own URL. A Request Service Form and a pdf New Renter Application which can be printed and filled out are optional but at no cost. Properties in our RentLnk system can also be searched from the Rental Property link on our State Multi-List website system.

RentLnk – Vacation Rentals:

Easy to use and implement vacation rental system. Shows availability calendar, accepts deposit with ability to collect balance due prior to check in or payment in full at time of rental. Handles tax, cleaning fees, etc. This service can be integrated into an existing website (we must host site) or be a free standing site with a unique URL.


An auction promotion tool which can be used to promote and number and type of auction with any number of items. This service can be integrated into your website or implemented as a free standing website with its own URL. Unlimited Auctions with flyers, unlimited items and unlimited photos may be added.

We also offer a complete auction software package for Onsite Auctions at a very competitive price.

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